Approach to Tuberculosis and Leprosy Care

In collaboration with the National TB Programme and National Leprosy Programme of the Ministry of health and Family Welfare, Bangladesh, Damien Foundation provides TB, DR-TB and Leprosy services in 14 districts through 161 TB-Leprosy service points mostly placed within the government health structure. Additionally, three Damien Foundation hospitals with laboratories support TB and Leprosy inpatient and outpatient care for complicated patients. Damien Foundation is the second largest implementing NGO in TB in Bangladesh and an important DR-TB pioneer in the country and beyond.

A number of people are reached through health education message and through community engagement. Damien foundation ensures patient centered care working closely with the community groups, TB survivors and informal providers (village doctors) and private sector. Contact tracing of TB patients by household visits, and initiate Tuberculosis Preventive Treatment (TPT) to the community as per national guideline, are implemented.

Access to care enhanced by outreach services at remote and hard-to-reach areas. Similarly, contact surveys are also conducted for Leprosy patients through household and community visits. The Damien Foundation hospital provides special care for the management of ulcers of leprosy patients and provides special MCR shoes for patients with deformities. Patient centered care and quality monitoring helps to improve treatment outcome. The approach to care supports cost-effective interventions with emphasis on sustainability.