Netrakona Tuberculosis & Leprosy Control Project (NTLCP)

Although Netrakona Tuberculosis & Leprosy Control Project’s activities started on December 1993, leprosy services had been offered since 1973. Netrakona TB & Leprosy Control Project is covering about 2.6 million populations. At present the project is serving the community through 12 (including 2 Second Microscopy centers at remote unions) combined TB & Leprosy clinics utilizing Government Health infrastructure. A total of 1300 trained Community TB Providers, most of them being village Doctors and cured patients are engaged in providing TB treatment support from the community besides engagement of union sub-centres and community clinics in Netrokona district. The project is providing specialized hospital care for complicated cases of TB & Leprosy including MDR and XDR-TB by a referral hospital containing 60 beds.

In Netrakona hospital, a well-equipped culture laboratory for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, with the technical support of Antwerp – Tropical Institute of Belgium has been functioning since 2002, which is the Pioneer TB culture laboratory in Bangladesh. NTP provided Gene-Xpert (Xpert XDR) to the laboratory.


“Netrakona TB & Leprosy Hospital”
P.O.-Anantapur (Baluakanda), District- Netrakona-2400